• Loose belt muselet

    This guarantees that the bottle content has not been manipulated, since the muselet can only be used once.

    Our loose belt muselets are manufactured using five wires, one for the belt that can have either a single or double twist mechanism and four which form the cross that supports the bottle cap

    We customise the muselet according to the desired presentation, both in terms of the combination of the five wires, which can be different colours, and the bottle cap, which can be made in standard colours or feature customised printing.

    Our muselet is designed to fit the standard bottle with opening ref. NFH 35-029, used for sparkling wines, cider, beer, pétillant wines and pressurised bottled drinks.

    Added improvements: 0.97mm wire for the cross, more compact cross twisting, uniform bottle cap, staplingt.

  • 0.97mm wire for the cross

    The increase in diameter from 0.95mm to 0.97mm gives the muselet greater resistance and the bottle a more sober appearance, achieving optimum crowning on small and high production bottling belts.

  • More compact cross twisting

    The production of muselets with more compact cross twisting makes it possible to leave more free space to better fit the bottle rim and obtain greater elegance in their appearance. At the same time, it facilitates the positioning of the bottle cap, since this comes into contact with the twisted part of the body wire.

  • Uniform bottle cap

    The increased tonnage and new mould design enable us to obtain a totally regular bottle cap, with minimal material yield variance, both at the top and the bottom, and guarantees us a better appearance.

  • Stapling

    We have totally removed stapling marks from our muselets, thus avoiding the rusting potentially caused by damage to the wire entirely, both on the galvanisation and on the lacquer. This damage is caused by the traditional wire feeding system.